Alpha cellulose

November 26, 2020
November 26, 2020

Appearance: powder

Packaging: Bags

Usage: it is used in a wide range of applications that require a carbohydrate structural back-bone such microfibrils, biofilms, and biodegradable composites, preparation of chromatographic structural media, in electrophoresis gels and ionic separations and as a substrate to identify and study cellulosic enzymes such as endoglucanases and β-glucosidase(s) involved with cellulosic systems. Cellulose may be used in saccharification and ethanol fermentation research.

One of three classes of Cellulose, alpha cellulose has the highest degree of polymerization and is the most stable. The other two classes, known as hemicelluloses, are Beta cellulose and Gamma cellulose. Alpha cellulose is the major component of wood and paper pulp. It may be separated from the other components by soaking the pulp in a 17.5% solution of Sodium hydroxide. The pure white, alpha cellulose is insoluble and can be filtered from the solution and washed prior to use in the production of paper or cellulosic polymers. A high percent of alpha cellulose in paper will provides a stable, permanent material. Linen and Cotton contain high proportions of alpha cellulose.